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Accountability is an acceptance/agreement/consent of taking active responsibility for honest, revisable and ethical conduct towards oneself and towards others.

At the physical layer of the BOARC (Bidston Observatory Artistic Research Center) there is an active document for collective accountability; this wiki tries to unfold that document's virtual companion of/for conviviality.

Care for this wiki

The wiki needs to be cared for collectively. Damage will happen over time, please do offer repairs if you notice wear or signs of use in the writing. On the accountability-page, you will find some thoughts on collective conduct and what's welcome or not. There is a To-Do list in case you find things that need attention, or when you are looking for tasks that need doing. For more details, see: About the HECS Wiki


Materials on this wiki is published under the Collective Conditions for Re-use (CC4r) by default. This means you are invited to copy, distribute, and transform the materials published under these conditions, and to take the implications of (re-)use into account. Some materials are in the Public Domain and for yet others, licensing conditions are unknown.