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Contributing to the HECS wiki

The wiki does not look to homogenise voices or smooth transitions. It aims to be humble, transparent and expansive. It is meant to be re-read, written, re-written through multiple voices and from different perspectives.

For the moment we propose to re-narrate The Bidston Observatory from two directions. On the one hand, through formulating a list of questions with possible answers that seem in need of collective thinking. On the other hand by experimenting with describing historical and imaginary (non)objects that are linked to the Bidston Observatory. This also includes a reflection on what objects are present in this wiki and will find their place in the HECS. See the about-page for more on this.

Care of this wiki

The wiki needs to be cared for collectively. Damage will happen over time, please do offer repairs if you notice wear or signs of use in the writing. On the accountability-page, you will find some thoughts on collective conduct and what's welcome or not. There is a To-Do list in case you find things that need attention, or when you are looking for tasks that need doing.



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